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Med Standard’s Marketplace is a central resource for buyers to search an extensive database of used and new medical products from sellers across the country.  Our program focuses on working with clinics, hospitals, consumers and healthcare professionals across the U.S. to list products that they no longer use so that other individuals or healthcare businesses can take advantage of at extremely low prices for great products.  Visit the entire marketplace above or view some of the more popular product categories below.

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Are you a healthcare business, consumers or other program that has used medical products that may benefit other businesses and consumers.  Our program allows you to list your products to sell online and we will work with our network of potential buyers across the U.S. to promote your products.  Our seller program is a great way to bring in additional revenue off of old equipment to potentially fund new medical products.  Sign up as a seller today!

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Used Cath Lab Machines

Cath Lab Machines – Sell Your Used One To Med Standard

sell cath lab machines online

Those in the medical industry are well aware of what a catheterization laboratory is. It is often referred to as a cath lab for short. The machines that are used can be located in hospitals or clinics, and they are designed to provide diagnostic imaging so that the doctors can see how the chambers of your heart are functioning, in an attempt to find either abnormalities or any type of stenosis. Once you replace the machines that you have in your existing Cath Lab, you can sell them to recover some money. Med Standard is not only one of the top providers of used machines, but they also purchase machines from Cath Labs, paying top dollar depending upon their condition.

Sell Cath Lab Machines

What Equipment Is In A Cath Lab?

Inside the Cath Lab, you’re going to find several different machines and devices. There will be diagnostic catheters, x-ray software that will be used in order to examine the functionality of your heart, and injector pump, real-time oxygen saturation readings, along with machines that will show blood pressure and real-time ECG. There will be monitors in the room, and image intensifiers that will be mounted both on the ceiling and floor. Finally, there will be a couch for the patient to lie on while the procedures are being done. Any of this equipment can be replaced from time to time, and can be sold for the top used market value. Med Standard is a company that you should consider working with because of what they can provide a regard to service and the best prices.

Cath Lab Machine Buyer

Caveats To Consider With Certain Companies That Buy Medical Equipment

There are a couple things you should consider before working with any company that will purchase used equipment from you. You should always do comparison shopping, per se, by looking at the many businesses that will give you money for your devices, making sure that not only are they legitimate, but they will give you top dollar for the equipment that you have.

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If you are going to sell any of your used Cath Lab equipment, you should go to Med Standard to see what they can do for you. Med Standard is a company that is well known for their ability to supply used equipment that is extremely high-grade, and also for providing the best prices to hospitals and clinics around the nation that are looking to sell used Cath Lab equipment right away.