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Med Standard’s Marketplace is a central resource for buyers to search an extensive database of used and new medical products from sellers across the country.  Our program focuses on working with clinics, hospitals, consumers and healthcare professionals across the U.S. to list products that they no longer use so that other individuals or healthcare businesses can take advantage of at extremely low prices for great products.  Visit the entire marketplace above or view some of the more popular product categories below.

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Are you a healthcare business, consumers or other program that has used medical products that may benefit other businesses and consumers.  Our program allows you to list your products to sell online and we will work with our network of potential buyers across the U.S. to promote your products.  Our seller program is a great way to bring in additional revenue off of old equipment to potentially fund new medical products.  Sign up as a seller today!

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Used EEG Machines

Sell Used EEG Machines With Med Standard

sell eeg devices online

There are many different types of medical machines that are used in the world today. Hospitals and clinics all over the world need these devices in order to do certain tests. Depending upon the type of ailment that a person has, they may be required to utilize one of these machines in order to determine what is wrong with them, and also to create a diagnosis of what needs to be done in order to help them get their health back on track. One of the most popular machines that is used by medical doctors today is an EEG machine. Electroencephalography is able to record electrical impulses in your brain by attaching a series of sensors on your head, face, and even your neck in order to determine what is going on. As you probably know, current flows through what are called neurons that are located in the brain. By measuring these electrical impulses, a doctor can determine what may be chemically wrong with you, and be able to prescribe some form of treatment to help you with the condition you are dealing with. Every now and then, doctors need to upgrade, purchasing brand new EEGs. When this occurs, they need to find a place where they can sell their old equipment which is where Med Standard comes in. This is an overview of what you can expect with Med Standard, and why you should visit their site at to see what they can do for you.

Sell EEG Machines

What Does An Electroencephalography Actually Do?

As mentioned before, it has the capability of measuring electrical impulses within the brain that are going between your neurons. Fluctuations in the voltage can give doctors a Birdseye view of what is going on inside. This type of test is often done to diagnose sleeping disorders, why someone has gone into a coma, and also for helping people that suffer from epilepsy and seizures. In each of those cases, brain activity has been changed to such a dramatic degree that these conditions can occur. That’s why using an EEG is so important in the medical industry today.

EEG Machines Buyer

Sell Your Old EEG With Med Standard

Once you are able to contact Med Standard by going to their website, you will be able to get a quote on how much they will pay you for the machine that you would like to sell. Obviously, it’s going to be far less in comparison to what you paid for the original. When this occurs, you will be able to receive a quote, sell your machine, which can help you pay for your new one. They will then take the machine, remit a payment to you, allowing you to utilize your new EEG and get some money back on your old one.