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Med Standard’s Marketplace is a central resource for buyers to search an extensive database of used and new medical products from sellers across the country.  Our program focuses on working with clinics, hospitals, consumers and healthcare professionals across the U.S. to list products that they no longer use so that other individuals or healthcare businesses can take advantage of at extremely low prices for great products.  Visit the entire marketplace above or view some of the more popular product categories below.

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Are you a healthcare business, consumers or other program that has used medical products that may benefit other businesses and consumers.  Our program allows you to list your products to sell online and we will work with our network of potential buyers across the U.S. to promote your products.  Our seller program is a great way to bring in additional revenue off of old equipment to potentially fund new medical products.  Sign up as a seller today!

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Used Medical Beds

With rapid technological advancements, many clinics and hospitals have realized the need of having to refurbish their medical equipment every now and then so as to easily keep up with the remarkable trends in the medical sector. The failure of a hospital to offer competent medical services can result into the migration of patients into clinics that have heavily invested in medical equipment. With the purchase of new medical equipment being a very good idea, it beats logic to throw away the old equipment that are still good but limited in functionality.

Some very small clinics could yearn to possess some of the equipment being disposed so as to broaden their medical services. It is undoubtedly true that the sale of used medical equipment provides a platform for which both the buyer and seller will benefit. The seller will benefit in that he will receive money to purchase new and advanced equipment while the buyer will be in a position to acquire medical equipment at a relatively low price. However much the benefits are, the selling and purchase process can be very daunting. This is because it can be very difficult for both parties to meet physically and transact in each others physical presence. In this case, the Med Standard website takes this responsibility. This is a website that is known for its aid in the purchase or sale of refurbished medical equipment.

Sell Medical Beds

Working with Med Standard is highly advantageous. One reason is that the medical equipment you choose to purchase is always functional and operational. Most of the equipment provided are usually bundled with an extended warranty and thus no need to worry about purchasing an item without any warranty. With their large database of suppliers, Med Standard is in a position to assist you in finding your desired equipment faster than you would have done it.

Another reason why Med Standard is quite exemplary is due to the fact that it has no limitation to its clients. The the large network base and numerous leads they have, they are in a position to trace a customer for your ultra sound machine in very diverse countries. Customers from countries with a low purchasing power can be very delighted to purchase second hand medical equipment that are fully functional. Provided it is in perfect working condition, not being of the latest technology is not an issue for the purchasing clinics.

Medical Bed Buyer

If your hospital or medical center is looking to purchase medical equipment, it can be important to consider Med Standard as a trustworthy partner. They can carry out an assessment of your needs and find you medical equipment that are just right for your budgetary allocation. This website provides an excellent market where machines can be reused and help numerous people and especially those in less rich countries. For all parties involved, this is a very positive undertaking with the ultimate beneficiary being a patient whose life may depend on the presence of certain medical equipment. Med Standard is definitely the place to go if you want to trade used medical equipment.

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