Questions To Ask When Choosing The Perfect Mobility Scooter For You

By November 23, 2016Blog

motorized-wheelchairsChoosing the mobility scooter that works the best for you does not have to be a difficult decision. It is really about knowing what it is you want, exactly what you need as well as how the various options fit in with your specifications. On a daily basis, we at 101 Mobility work with people who are in the process of deciding on which mobility scooter will best fit their personal lifestyle and needs.

Here are a few questions that you are going to want to ask yourself as you begin making the decision of which mobility scooter is best for you:

1. Is my health good enough for a mobility scooter or would a wheelchair be best?

2. Do I prefer a mobility scooter with three or four wheels?
• Three wheel scooters are ideal for those who will mainly be using their scooter indoors, they are a lot easier to manage and can easily maneuver around corners.
• Generally, due to their stability, four wheel scooters are preferred for outdoor use. A four wheel model works better on surfaces which are rugged or uneven.

3. When navigating hills or curbs in my neighborhood, do I need additional power?
• If the answer is yes, then perhaps you may want to opt for the four wheel mobility scooter.

4. What is the maximum distance that a scooter will go? How will this compare to my normal daily routines?

5. Is it easy for me to reach the controls? If so, are the simple to understand and use?

6. Is the scooters platform wide enough so that my legs and feet are comfortable supported?

7. Is the seat offered by the scooter a swivel seat?
• The transition on and off of a scooter is made easier with a swivel seat. This is an option that we have found our clients prefer.

8. Will I have to transport the scooter?
• If the answer is yes, can the scooter you are interested in be disassembled?

9. How much does the heaviest piece of the scooter weigh when disassembled?
• Is this a weight that you are comfortable lifting?

10. What kind of warranty is included with the scooter?

11. How are repairs taken care of?
• When it comes to 101 Mobility, you can always count on the support and services of a team of local professionals.

If you mobility scooter will be used in your home, it is important to the width of any doorways or gates into consideration. It is also important to consider that a ramp will be needed to get over any steps. There is also a complete line of accessibility ramps that 101 Mobility carries for your convenience.

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