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Med Standard’s Marketplace is a central resource for buyers to search an extensive database of used and new medical products from sellers across the country.  Our program focuses on working with clinics, hospitals, consumers and healthcare professionals across the U.S. to list products that they no longer use so that other individuals or healthcare businesses can take advantage of at extremely low prices for great products.  Visit the entire marketplace above or view some of the more popular product categories below.

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Are you a healthcare business, consumers or other program that has used medical products that may benefit other businesses and consumers.  Our program allows you to list your products to sell online and we will work with our network of potential buyers across the U.S. to promote your products.  Our seller program is a great way to bring in additional revenue off of old equipment to potentially fund new medical products.  Sign up as a seller today!

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Sell or Buy Used Oxygen Concentrators And Tanks With Med Standard

prtable used oxygen tank concentratorIf you are a respiratory therapist, you know you would like to replace your oxygen concentrators or tanks every now and then, as better ones appear on the market. Hospital managers may also want to upgrade such equipment in order to be able to offer their patients better treatment conditions. You can replace them with new ones, but how are you going to dispose of the old ones without too much hassle and without throwing them out the window?

The solution is a professional company which acts as a broker of used medical equipment. They can help you sell your used devices fast and easy. is the site to visit for such needs. They can find you customers for your old tanks, oxygen concentrators or any other medical equipment you want to replace with more modern one. As they act at international level, they have more chances than you to find other hospitals that would be happy to buy these items at lower prices. Just think about all third world countries and their poor hospitals. It is almost impossible for them to buy new equipment, but there are sick people who needs medical care in those countries, too. For them, your decision of selling your used items can be a life saver. They can get access to treatments unavailable otherwise. Not only you do a good thing, but you also get some money for your old stuff, money you can use towards the purchase of modern devices, tanks and other accessories.

Med Standard buys and sells your used equipment without involving you in the research. All you need to do is contact them and ask for help. Their specialists are going to do the rest. They are going to evaluate your stuff, then find you potential customers who are in need for such items. The company has been in this business for a very long time, therefore their database of hospitals and medical clinics is quite comprehensive. They also keep in touch with their other customers, so they know at any given time who’s looking for what. This can make it very easy to sell any piece of used equipment, oxygen tanks included. You are going to be surprised to see how many hospitals in this world can’t afford to buy new tanks, although their respiratory patients need them badly. People in those parts of the world can get access to modern medical care only if they have enough money to go abroad or if responsible and compassionate managers like you make a small effort to sell their used devices and accessories. It is a very small step that can save a lot of lives in another part of the world. Besides, Med Standard will take care of all research, negotiation and paperwork, so for you it’s going to be even easier than the situation in which you’d try to dispose of those items by throwing them away. Everyone knows you can’t simply throw away medical equipment just like that. By using, you are doing yourself a favor besides showing you care for the greater good of humanity.