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Used Wheelchair

Med Standard buys and sells used wheelchairs. Hospitals and other medical institutions need to upgrade their equipment and other assets regularly if they want to stay competitive. This seems logical, but there are two problems worth taking into consideration. One is that modern equipment is expensive and it might exceed the financial possibilities of the institution. The other problem is how to get rid of old equipment safely and without too much hassle. Some items, like wheelchairs, may still be good, but finding the people who could use them could be a little tricky.

Sell or Buy Used Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters and Electric Chairs

There is one solution to both these problems: sell your old equipment and use the money towards buying new assets. The easiest way to do is is to use brokers of medical equipment like Here you can get rid of your used wheelchairs and get paid. The website is ran by professionals who know where to find customers who would be happy to get your wheelchairs and use them for their patients.

Since is an international broker, your used wheelchairs could find a new home in a poor country, where hospitals and clinics don’t have the financial means to buy new equipment. They are going to be happy to pay less. Of course they might prefer to buy the latest state of the art wheelchairs with multiple functions, but they can’t afford them. Besides, your wheelchairs could be better anyway than their current ones, so their patients are going to receive a better care. You can help sick people in poor countries enjoy a better medical care while saving some money for your hospital or clinic.

Working with is very straightforward. All you need to do is send them an email and tell them what you need. A specialist is going to get in touch with you for further details, then you are gong to receive an assessment of your wheelchairs or other devices you want to get rid of. If you agree with the quotation, the specialist is going to find you customers. They have an international database of clients, so it shouldn’t be too hard. Anyway, just imagine the amount of time you’d need for doing this research by yourself. As manager or a medical institution, you surely have better things to do than searching potential customers for your used equipment and contacting them to see if they are interested in acquiring yours.

It’s a good idea and a sign of civilization to prevent waste of good medical equipment. Even if your hospital can afford new wheelchairs without any problem, it’s still good to think about those in need and sell them to another medical institution that would be very happy to get them. is the perfect organization that can help such things happen effortlessly and with good advantages for both parties involved in the transaction. You can save a lot of time and some money if you use a medical equipment broker like for getting rid of your used equipment, be it we talk about wheelchairs, CT scanners or any other type of medical device. Buy one of our used wheelchairs online today.

Why You Should Buy Used Wheelchairs Scooters And Mobility Devices From

If you are looking for a resource where you can purchase used or new medical equipment from all of the country, you might want to consider business by the name of Med Standard. This is a company that utilizes its connections to healthcare professionals across the nation to purchase and provide the best new and used products in the medical industry. Whether you are looking for patient lifts, bath safety apparatuses for wheelchairs, or respiratory equipment, they will have exactly what you need at affordable prices. Let’s go over the different types of equipment that they offer at low prices that you can afford.

WheelchairsWhen a person is unable to walk as a result of an injury they have sustained, or if they need to be wheeled out at the hospital or clinic after a procedure, wheelchairs are typically provided. These are chairs that are equipped with wheels, coming in many different shapes and styles, allowing the seated occupant to propel himself forward manually or with an electric motor and controls. Many times people are pushed from behind courtesy of a nurse or doctor that is in charge of them for brief moments when they are out of the room. It is important to have either a new or used wheelchair that complies with the proper safety standards, and you can find these for sale at Med Standard.

Power Wheelchairs

One of the best inventions has been the modification of a standard wheelchair into one that is electrically powered. There are navigation controls that can be operated with a person’s hand, using a small joystick which is typically installed at the end of the armrest. These can come with specially molded seating, allowing the person to maintain a certain posture if that is what is necessary for their rehabilitation. They also come with memory foam, some of the benefits to using these more expensive wheelchairs that are provided for people that would otherwise not be able to manually move around.

Transport Wheelchairs

Also referred to as attendant propelled wheelchairs, these are designed with handles in the back so that a person can push the occupant around. They are also called transfer wheelchairs as they are used to either transfer a patient from one room to another, or to help them exit the hospital. These are essentially regular wheelchairs with the exception of the handles that are behind.

Mobility Scooters

Referring again to electrically powered ones, one of the more popular models is called a mobility scooter which are highly advanced scooters designed for those that have a disability or are elderly. You will often see elderly people traveling from their home to the mailbox, or even going downtown. They are motorized units which are electrically powered that can be charged up in just a couple of hours.

Motorized Wheelchair

A motorized wheelchair is essentially an electric wheelchair, one that is equipped with an electronic motor. They are designed to run for several hours on a single charge, pending that the occupant is operating it on a flat surface. They have the ability to reach speeds of between five and 10 mph, allowing people to use them either around their house or to travel down the street.

Electric Wheelchair

Also referred to as a motorized wheelchair, they are essentially the same device, a unit that is designed to help people that have some type of disability that can be operated at a hospital, clinic, or utilized around their home. Unfortunately, these can be very expensive than if your insurance is not going to provide you with the money that is necessary to either own or rent one, you have to find an electric wheelchair that is used that is available from a company that sells them.

Used Wheelchair

These are simply wheelchairs that were preowned by people that no longer need them, or they were sold to a large company that purchased them at a substantial discount. Most of them go through some type of refurbishing where they will have any problems resolved, making them perfectly safe for new occupants to operate them, whether they are manual or electric. You find wheelchairs, you will have to search for companies that sell them which is actually very easy to do. Businesses such as Med Standard have a multitude of these available in all different styles.

Sell Wheelchair

If you are the owner of a wheelchair, perhaps a company that has several that are available because you are upgrading to new ones in the next few weeks, you can actually sell wheelchairs to businesses that buy them and refurbish them, offering them for sale to other companies. You can actually get a good price or used equipment of every kind, and wheelchairs are definitely in demand. However, you might be looking to purchase a wheelchair instead, and these same companies that buy them will offer you excellent prices on both new and used models.

Buy Wheelchair

A simple search on the Internet will show you exactly where these businesses are located. You will be able to find a company that sells them, both used and new, and select the ones that you want. If you are looking for a manual wheelchair, one that is electrically powered, or even if you are looking for mobility scooters, you can buy exactly what you want from businesses that sell medical products on a regular basis.

Wheelchairs for Sale

It’s easy to locate businesses that sell wheelchairs, even if you need one right away, by using the Internet to your advantage. You may also find advertisements that are in the local paper, sold either by companies or people that simply do not need theirs anymore. You can get great bargains from businesses that specialize in buying and selling medical equipment. Simply look in the Yellow Pages, or online, to find one of these companies.

Lightweight Wheelchair

It may be necessary for you to get a lightweight wheelchair for someone that is in need. Those that are lighter are easier to maneuver if it is not a self propelled wheelchair, and it will also be easier on the person that is taking care of the individual in the wheelchair, specifically with loading and unloading.

Transport Wheelchair

If you need to have a transport wheelchair, you will likely find one from a medical supply company that has many of these for sale. You will need to compare the different ones that they have, and also the type of functionality that they provide. Most of them have handles in the back where people can hold the handles and push the occupant wherever they need to go. These are typically one of the lowest cost wheelchairs that you can purchase and get an excellent deal.

Transport Chair

A transport wheelchair is the same as a wheelchair, with the exception of the design. Wheelchairs tend to have a larger wheel in the back, allowing the person that is sitting to operate the wheels in order to propel them forward or backwards. A transport chair is much lighter, and you can typically buy these at local stores for under $100. You can even get them for less directly from medical companies that sell both new and used models. They will have four small wheels and handles in the back, and they are much easier to fold and take with you which is why they have become so popular.

Handicap Scooters

These are one of the more expensive scooters that you can purchase. They are fully electric, providing high speeds and ergonomic designs, catering to people that have specific injuries or handicaps. They can cost as little as $1500, and as much as $5000, depending upon the model that you choose to buy. They are designed to be very easy to operate, as well as to get in and out of, making them an excellent resource for both handicapped individuals and the elderly.

Wheelchair Cushions

One complaint that many people have when they are sitting in a wheelchair constantly is that they can get sore as a result of the chair that they are sitting in. They often have very uncomfortable seats and that’s why wheelchair cushions are sold by many medical supply companies for those that are in them at all times. They are also beneficial for those that are going to be in a transport wheelchair, even for just a few minutes, making their ride as comfortable as possible.

Wheelchair Ramps

When a person comes to a staircase, even a small one, that they cannot get up, wheelchair ramps are necessary. They will allow people to go up and down areas where stairs do not provide wheelchair access. They are most common with people that are traveling in cars or vans and they need to get someone into the vehicle. They are typically quite heavy, but they can be folded up and placed in the vehicle so that the occupant can also get back out.

Portable Wheelchair

These are simply lightweight wheelchairs that are designed to be easy to fold and lift. They are at least half of the weight of a typical wheelchair, perfect for people that are using them all of the time. You can pick these up at a local store for about $100, and there are deluxe models that have electric motors that are also easy to fold. These will cost substantially more, priced around $2500, but they are perfect for people that are on the go.

Wheel Chair Ramps

Ramps are simply necessary for people that are in wheelchairs because not all places have wheelchair accessibility. This is especially true for many vehicles that handicapped and elderly people will ride, unless they are specifically designed with a lift. If a lift is not available, then ramps will be the next best choice, perfect for getting people in and out of vans and cars.

Handicap Ramps

It is possible to pick up discount handicap ramps that are available for those that need them medical supply stores. They are priced between $150-$400, depending upon their size. You can get even better deals if you are able to purchase them from medical supply stores that sell all things related to the medical industry.

Aluminum Ramps

The best type of handicap ramp to get is one that is made of aluminum. This is simply because it is much lighter. They are also very durable, and also rust resistant, which is why they are the most popular handicap ramps that are sold today.

Wheelchair Lift

If you cannot get ramps of any kind, or you would prefer not using, you can easily purchase a wheelchair lift that can be installed. These are typically used on vans, although some cars may also work, allowing a handicapped person to get into the vehicle even with a wheelchair.

Wheelchair Car Lift

For people that have a car instead of a van, there are wheelchair car lifts that can also be purchased and installed. These are electrically powered with a motor that is able to lift several hundred pounds with ease, priced between $1000 and $2000.

For all of this equipment, and much more, the best place for discount new and used medical equipment is Med Standard. You can visit their website to learn more about the different types of medical equipment that they have available which can include x-ray machines, ultrasound machines, as well as wheelchairs, ramps and scooters. You should visit their website today to find out more by going Med Standard.