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Electric Wheelchair

Things You Should Know Before Purchasing A Wheelchair Online

Not too many people realize just how how many different types of wheelchairs there are or how diverse the market actually is. Unless you or somebody you know needs one, it isn’t something you tend to give much thought. Fortunately, you can purchase any type of wheelchair online at a much lower cost than the prices you will find in stores. In this article, we will be covering a broad range of information about wheelchairs, including their history, the various types that are available, the benefits that each type provides, and the different accessories they come with.

The Evolution And History Of The Wheelchair

Over the years, the wheelchair world has undergone dramatic changes. Images of wheelchairs have been discovered that are over 1,400 years old. Spain’s King Phillip II in the 16th century designed a wheel chair that was very intricate. It even had arm rests. Today’s wheelchairs are of course much different than those early forms.

Around a century later, a paraplegic by the name of Stephen Farfler designed a self-propelled wheelchair for himself. There were hand cranks on the chair that turned the gears to make the wheels turn. During the 18th century there was another significant leap in the evolution of wheelchair design.

A wheelchair was invented by John Dawson in 1788 that went on to become very popular over the course of the next century. In its design one can see the basis for present day wheelchairs. In the back were two large wheels, but there was just one small wheel on the front part of the chair. There was handlebars that rose up out of the wheel to steer the wheelchair. It was referred to as the “Bath chair” since it was made in Bath, England.

There were some flaws to the bath chair. It wasn’t very comfortable. Not until the 1900’s did the wheelchair that we are familiar with today become really popular. In 1916 there was even an early form of a motorized wheelchair.

The wheelchairs from the 1900’s had cushioned, comfortable seating; spoked wheels; and the front had two small wheels. Today’s wheelchairs are even more comfortable, with many of them being motorized, and frequently including additional features and accessories that are intended to help make them as enjoyable as possible.

Fortunately riding around in a bath chair isn’t something that you need to worry about anymore. You can purchase whatever type of wheelchair you would like to have online. It can be a power wheelchair, traditional chair or electric wheelchair. You can also purchase whatever accessories you want online also. Next we will be taking a close look at the various kinds of wheelchairs as well as how to buy them online.

Different Kinds Of Wheelchairs

One of the first and most important things that you need to be aware of is that there is a great variety of various types of wheelchairs that are available for sale online. The variety is far great than anyone from centuries ago could have possibly ever imagined. For you as the customer, it is really great, since it means you get to select the exact kind of chair that you need or want.

The different kinds of wheelchairs are first categorized by the method of propulsion that they use. There are self propelled wheelchairs that are moved around by pushing forward on the wheels with your hands. Other kinds have been designed so that a companion pushes them. Then there are more modern wheelchairs that come with batteries and motors and controlled with joysticks and buttons.

Chairs can also be categorized according to their different features or configurations. Some are intended to hold the individual in the standing position. Other wheelchairs are able to tilt or recline at various angles. Active wheelchairs are intended for individuals who love to play various kinds of sports while in their wheelchairs.

Wheelchairs For Dogs

People are not the only ones who benefit from wheelchair technology. If you happen to have a dog who cannot properly use his legs, then he might be able to use a dog wheelchair. At one time they were expensive and hard to find, however that has changed thanks to the internet.

Dog wheelchairs come in both four wheel and two wheel configurations. Two wheel models tend to be easier for a dog to maneuver with and adjust to. Usually the two hind legs are held above the ground slightly if the dog can’t use them. There are other models where the hind legs touch the ground if it is possible for the dog to walk with them.

There is also a fully adjust model that is available. You are able to change the wheels and control how long the side bars are. It is ideal for dogs who are still growing and might not be fully mature yet. They are also very easy to transport and put away when necessary.

How To Select A Standard Transport Wheelchair

When it comes to wheelchairs for humans, one of the most common and oldest choices is the transport wheelchair. They tend to be less expensive as well. Although motorized wheelchairs continue to get more affordable with each passing year with the technology become more widespread.

Transport wheelchairs are sometimes called companion wheelchairs. They are intended for individuals who are not able to propel themselves as easily as they could using a standard wheelchair. There are handlebars located in the back so that a companion can push them around.

A Wheelchair That Is Easy To Control And Lightweight

At first the transport wheelchair and standard wheelchair look fairly similar. However, there are slight differences to them. The frames on transport chairs are more narrow. This makes it easier for them to move through doorways. In addition they have been designed to be smaller and more lightweight than standard wheelchairs.

Some of the transport wheelchairs do not come with large rear wheels. So under no circumstances will you be able to propel these chairs yourself. Smaller wheels provide easier controlling from the back and improve maneuverability.

Select A Motorized Wheelchair Instead

Instead of having a traditional self propelled wheelchair, you might be a lot more comfortable with a motorized wheelchair. As time goes on, motorized chairs are definitely become more advanced and common. Pretty soon they will most likely be seen as frequently as standard wheelchairs. However, the largest drawback is that they are more expensive. They are also quite a bit heavier compared to manual chairs.

Some individuals prefer to have motorized wheelchairs and manual chairs. When traveling they use a manual chair since it is much easier to load into a vehicle.

When traveling a long distance, they prefer a motorized wheelchair instead since it isn’t as tiring. A majority of motorized chairs are much easier to navigate across hilly or grassy terrain also.

Motorized chairs continue to become more compact and more lightweight. If you are happy with the options that are available right now, you can check back online in a few months. There will most likely be a more efficient lighter model that will be released very soon.

The Benefits Provided By An Electric Wheelchair

When the electric wheelchair is compared to manual wheelchairs, it does have some very nice advantages to it. To begin with, they are ideal for people who don’t have much stamina are unable to travel long distances without help. If you have an electric wheelchair, you can travel as far and long as you want without ever getting tired. In addition, they are ideal for individuals who aren’t strong enough to move themselves around manual using a standard wheelchair, but would prefer not having to rely on having a helper with them all the time.

Electric wheelchairs come with sophisticated control which enable the users to press a button or use a simple motion to move backwards and forward. The controls might also operate reclining and tilting capabilities.

There are also various types of electric wheelchairs. They difference according to where the wheel drive is place, just like cars. Selecting the type of wheel drive that you want is a combination of terrain and personal preference. You should take into consideration the kind of environment you will be traveling around in most frequently before buying an electric wheelchair online.

Choosing The Best Wheel Drive For A Power Wheelchair

There are different types of power wheelchairs. They vary according to the placement of their wheel drive. That refers to which of the wheels the motor is powering. With a rear wheel drive power chair, the motor powers the back two wheels. There are pros and cons to each kind of power wheelchair. They vary in terms of how easily they are able to cover various types of terrain, turning radii and handling.

Power wheelchairs traditionally were all rear wheel drive. Today this is still the configuration that is the most common and frequently the most reliable as well. When climbing steep terrain, it can have problems. The center of turning is in the back, meaning of all three types of wheelchairs is has the biggest turning radii. It has the highest top speed as well.

A front wheel drive model is better suited for individuals planning to travel over uneven ground or maneuvering around obstacles. It can also easily go up and down a majority of hills. The front wheels are also above to easily move over most small obstacles.

The center of turning on a mid-wheel drive is almost directly under the individual driving. So part of the chair is in front and part in back. Of the three types, it tends to have the smallest turning radius. That makes it the best type for small areas, like an apartment or house. The problem that mid-wheel chairs have is it can be difficult for them to move over terrain that is uneven. It can sometimes cause them to get stuck.

Consider Getting An Invacare Wheelchair

Selecting the best wheelchair manufacturer is often as difficult as deciding between a manual or power chair. Several well-known manufacturers are active in the marketplace. However, Invacare is the most highly regarded. Invacare has been in the home care business for a very long time and make some of the finest wheelchairs available.

When selecting an Invacare wheelchair the same options that we have detailed above are available to you. The company manufactures power, transport and standard wheelchairs. For patients who have specific needs, the company even makes custom manual wheelchairs.

A Used Wheelchair That Is More Affordable

If you are interested in saving money, buying a used wheelchair is something that you might want to consider. Used wheelchairs can be purchased online in the same configurations that the newer models are available in. The most recent models might not be available as used yet, however usually it doesn’t take very long before individuals start selling them.

Be sure to buy it from a company that certifies and inspects the wheelchairs properly for them to be used again. You don’t want to purchase a used wheelchair that will break down as you are using it.

A Wide Variety Of Wheelchair Accessories

If you have the proper wheelchair accessories, it can definitely make the time spent in your wheelchair a lot more pleasant and comfortable. In terms of accessories, there are many options that are available and a majority of them are very affordable as well. Usually new wheels are the most expensive kind of accessories. However, as long as you take good care of the ones you already have, you should need to purchase them too often. Although some people do like upgrading their wheels for various reasons.

Some of the other types of wheelchair accessories that are available include hand rims, lap trays, packs and supports. Pouches are designed so that they hook over the handlebars on the back part of the wheelchair. It is ideal for keeping various items with you so that you don’t have to carry them on your lap or side. Lap trays allow you to easily use your laptop, write or eat.

Wheelchair Ramps

Unless you own a front wheel drive wheelchair that is very powerful, it can be difficult to make it up steps. Even with a front wheel drive wheelchair, it is almost impossible to get up multiple steps at once. In those situations, having a wheelchair ramp on hand is a very good idea.

Select The Best Portable Wheelchair Ramp

When it comes to portable wheelchair ramps, they come in various materials, sizes and shapes. In addition, they are rated for handing different loads. It is very important to select a portable ramp that has the capability for handling your specific wheelchair. Determine hat the specifications are for your wheelchair model and be sure that the ramp you are interested in is capable of handling the job.
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