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Med Standard’s Marketplace is a central resource for buyers to search an extensive database of used and new medical products from sellers across the country.  Our program focuses on working with clinics, hospitals, consumers and healthcare professionals across the U.S. to list products that they no longer use so that other individuals or healthcare businesses can take advantage of at extremely low prices for great products.  Visit the entire marketplace above or view some of the more popular product categories below.

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Are you a healthcare business, consumers or other program that has used medical products that may benefit other businesses and consumers.  Our program allows you to list your products to sell online and we will work with our network of potential buyers across the U.S. to promote your products.  Our seller program is a great way to bring in additional revenue off of old equipment to potentially fund new medical products.  Sign up as a seller today!

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Sell And Buy Used x-Ray Machines

used x ray machineIf your x-ray machines are already old, you may consider getting more modern ones, in order to provide better services to your patients. Old machines may issue a greater amount of radiations in one go, therefore exposing the human inside the machine to a higher risk. As x-ray machines are not cheap, any hospital or medical organization could use a broker of medical equipment in order to sell their used machines and recover some of the investment needed to buy newer equipment. Med is a website where you can benefit from such services, as well as free consultancy in regard to your old x-ray machines you would like to sell.

Surely, hospital managers can try to sell that equipment on their own, but that would mean a lot of time spent on searching for potential buyers. Besides, they can’t know anything about hospitals and medical clinics in other countries, who may wish to purchase refurbished or older generation x-ray machines, as those would be an improvement for them. Med Standard can help you get some money for x-ray machines you want to replace. At the same time, they offer high quality refurbished equipment to hospitals with lower budgets. This doesn’t mean the quality isn’t good. All x-ray machines sold by Med Standard come with a warranty, therefore they contribute to maximizing the effectiveness without to decrease the quality.

Med Standard is one of the oldest companies in this business, therefore they already have happy customers all over the world. Besides, they have a huge database of potential customers for your used x-ray equipment, therefore they can help you sell it fast and for the best price you could possible get.

It is also possible to have service contracts with Med Standard, so that you don’t have to worry about the maintenance or repairs for the equipment you buy from them. You can benefit from full services, so that you can focus on investigating and diagnosing your patients as early as possible. Moreover, if you need upgrade packages, you can get them from Med Standard, thanks to their huge selection of suppliers.

If you wish to replace your x-ray machines but you don’t know where to start from, the best thing to do is contact Med Standard and have a team of specialists come to your place and evaluate your equipment. They can estimate with a good accuracy what you can expect to get by selling your equipment. They can also give you advice on what kind of new x-ray machines to buy in order to get the most for your money. It is possible you find second hand machines which are more advanced than yours, so you can still improve your technology while spending only a fraction of what would mean the cost of a brand new x-ray machine from the latest generation. Consultancy services offered by Med Standard are free of charge and they don’t bind you into any purchasing agreement, so you can simply see what your equipment is worth without actually having to sell it.